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So I went to visit the glory hole today, where I had fun during a visit last year. At first I was disappointed. general has been replaced the wall of the cabin, but a small hole has already begun to appear again. ( But hopefully someone about this... ) bravonude Only a pea size at the time, and nowhere big enough to put through a lot. do A piece of toilet paper stuck in the hole. But although it seemed as if the paper filled the hole, it was still a hole through the paper, so it's worth enough in terms of itself. When I sat on the toilet, someone broke into the cabin next door, and heard the bravonude sound of them removing a belt, unzipping his pants, slides down to his underwear and sitting on the toilet. masturbate I would even gently for a while and had not stopped when the car next door was occupied, so it was very difficult. After a few moments, began to tremble, the toilet paper in the hole and fell, giving a clear indication that the other in the cabin, which I did, I was interested. brought in masturbation. Then a piece of paper covered by the partition. was a map of the hospital building, and there was a hand-drawn circle marked on the map to show another bathroom in the building. So I got my mission. I dressed quickly and left the bathroom, in a normal way, so I'm not going to suspect something. then continue along the corridors, according to the map and find the bathroom marked a peaceful transition, and entered the outer door. All was quiet - no trace of another person. entered the cabin and waited... A few minutes I heard the outer door opening and closing, followed by a knock at the door. I cautiously opened the door without knowing who bravonude is out there. There was an old man (60 years), who just winked at me and walked toward the cabin. IN automatically a step back and opened the door, we willting him in the cabin. The door closed behind him, he turned to me and said softly, 'Hello' in my ear. He leaned forward with his hand, stroked the bulge in the front of my pants and nodded in approval. Before I could respond, he had unzipped his pants and fondle had his hand on my underwear, my cock. Then, without cutting the belt, put on my pants and underwear bravonude on the floor and knelt before me. A then gave me the best oral bravonude sex I think I've had, and went to completion. When finished, he slapped me on the shoulder and told her to dress. When I finished, he whispered : 'When you come here?' I said, ' Next Friday - at the same time. ' He nodded, and told me I had to leave the cabin, while he was bravonude behind the door. I walked a little further bravonude down the hall, and looked back. The man left the bathroom and went by chance, with a smile on his face. I can not wait for next week!
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